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Craft Beer


       12 Craft Beers on Tap

Beer Flights-Five,5oz $10.00

Draft Beer Brewery Location ABV Price
Bumble Berry Honey
Blueberry Ale
Fat Head Brewing Ohio%5.3$5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher         
Head Hunter IPAFat Head BrewingOhio%7.5$5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
312 Urban WheatGoose Island BrewingChicago%4.2$5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher      
Blue MoonCoors BrewingColorado%5.4$3.50-Pint       $9.50-Pitcher
Sour Pale AleThe Sour Note Brewing Co.Indiana5.5% $5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
Two HeartedBell's BrewingMichigan7% $5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
Mama's Little Yella PilsnerOskar BluesColorado5.3%  $5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
Old Crown AleSummit City BrewerksFort Wayne6.1% $5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
Eugene PorterRevolution BrewingChicago6.8% $5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher     
Foggy GeezerWarpigs BrewpubDenmark6.8%$5.00-Pint       $14.00-Pitcher
Star Chicken ShotgunGreenbush BrewingMichigan6.8% 5.00-Pint         $14.00-Pitcher
       *Updated: 2/3

Craft Bottled Beer Brewery Location ABV Price
Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge Brouwerij Bocker N.V. Belgium 5.5% $8.00
*Zombie Dust*- American Pale Ale 
(When Available)
Three Floyd's Munster IN
6.2% $4.50
Elysian Space Dust- IPA Elysian Washington 8.2% $4.50
Angry Orchard - Apple Cider Boston Beer Company Ohio 5% $4.50
Yum Yum-Pale Ale
Three Floyd's
Munster IN
5.50% $4.50
Monks Cafe-Flemish Sour Ale Brouwerij Van Steenberge Belgium 5.5% $5.50
*Gumballhead-American Pale/Wheat Ale Three Floyd's Munster IN
5.6% $4.50
Not Your Fathers Root Beer-Ale Small Town Brewery Wisconsin 5.9% $4.50
Lindemans Framboise Browerij Lindemans Belgium 2.5% $8.00
Alpha King-Pale Ale Three Floyd's
Munster IN
6.66% $4.50
Dragons Milk-Imperial Stout New Holland Michigan 10% $5.00
Watermelon Shandy- Fruit Beer Leinenkugal Wisconsin 4.2% $4.50
Dales Pale Ale (cans) Oscar Blues Colorado 6.50% $4.50
Anti-Hero- American IPA (cans) Revolution Chicago 6.50% $4.50



* when Available

Domestic Bottles- $2.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon ($2.00 on Tuesdays)
Coors Light Budweiser Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite Bud Light Pabst Blue Ribbon ($2.50)
Sam Adams Redds Apple Ale Yuengling Lager Light
 Yuengling Black& Tan

Import Bottles- $3.99
Irish Stout
Newcastle Dos Equis
Heineken Stella Artois Corona 
Wine From Year Price

 La Maranzana Moscato


$8 - Glass
$24 - Bottle

 Two EE's Diamond

Huntington, IN 

$8 - Glass

$24 - Bottle 

Two EE's Plonque Huntington, IN

$8 - Glass

$24 - Bottle

 Black Oak Merlot


 Italy  2014



Black Oak White Zinfadel


 CA  2016



 Dell Italia Chardonnay





 Cabernet  Italy  2012 $4.50-Glass 


12 Craft Beers on Tap

Draft Beer Brewery Location ABV Price
OberonBell'sMichigan6.50% $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
SKB IPASun King Indiana 6.50% $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
Blue MoonCoorsColorado 5.40% $3.50-Pint   $9.50-Pitcher
Two Hearted AleBell'sMichigan7.00% $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
TruthRhinegeistOhio 7.20%$5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
Hop BulletSierra NevadaCalifornia 8.00% $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
SummerfestSierra NevadaCalifornia 5.00% $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher
Hi ResSixpointNew York 11.10% $5.00-Snifter   Pitcher-N/A
Summer ShandyLeinenkugelWisconsin 4.20%  $3.50-Pint   $9.50-Pitcher
Yuengling LagerYuenglingPennsylvania  4.40%  $3.50-Pint   $9.50-Pitcher
Night GoatDevil's TrumpetIndiana  5.50%  $5.00-Pint   $14.00-Pitcher  
VirtuALEStoneCalifornia 7.70% $5.00-Pint    $14.00-Pitcher

Craft Bottled Beer
312 Urban Wheat-American Pale/Wheat Ale  Goose Island Illinois 4.2% $4.50
Coastbuster-IPA Upland Indiana 8.10% $4.50
Sierra Nevada-Pale Ale Sierra Nevada California 5.60% $3.99

2.82% $3.99
Space Station Middle Finger 3 Floyd's Brewing Co Indiana 6.00% $4.50
Zombie Dust-Pale Ale-(when available)3 Floyd's Brewing CoIndiana6.60%$4.50
Gumballhead-American Pale/Wheat Ale  3 Floyd's Brewing Co Indiana 5.5% $4.50
Yum Yum-Pale Ale 3 Floyd's Brewing Co Indiana 5.50% $4.50
Angry Orchard  Boston Beer Co Ohio 5.00% $4.50
Two Hearted-American IPA  Bell's Brewery Inc Michigan 7.00% $4.50
Elysian Space Dust IPA Elysian Brewing Co Washington 8.20% $4.50

                                                            Domestic Bottles

BudweiserMichelob UltraRedd's Apple
CoronaBlue MoonCoors Light
Miller LiteBud LightAmberbock
Killians Irish Red
Pabst Blue Ribbon (can $2.50) ($2.00 Tuesdays)

Bucket Special- 5 for $12 on Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light

Import Bottles - $3.99
Newcastle Stella Artois Labatt Blue 
Heineken Corona